Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

Is blogging at work frowned upon? Probably. I’ve been here for almost an hour already and it’s rather boring. I read some of my favorite blogs, watched some of my favorite Youtube channels, listened to messages, and fooled around with my camera. Inspiration to start writing hit me and here we are. If for some reason you’ve stumbled upon my page its probably because you’re bored and got sucked into the black hole of the internet. If for some reason you searched for my page, well, I doubt it. Anyways, welcome!

Tonight should be fun. I haven’t brought out my camera for quite some time now and when my best friend asked me to do a photo shoot of her, I excitedly accepted. When figuring out what I want to do with my life I always seem to go back to photography. Doing it on my own is the only issue. I need classes.

Well, there goes my motivation to write anything… right out the window. Along with everything else I start. My brain will be swarmed with so much clutter that I’ll feel the need to start a blog. Then, as soon as I start writing it all disappears. So for now, this is it. Maybe I’ll post some of the pictures I took. Maybe they wont be good enough to post. We’ll see.

Over and out! xo


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