Weekend Adventure

Thursday night after I got out of work Kyle, Lauren, Mike, Jess, Johnny, and I all set off for New Hampshire! Three and a half hours later we arrived. Growing up I spent almost every weekend at that house, until I reached the age of wanting to spend more time with my friends than family. Now, as a twenty something year old wanderlust, I find myself wanting to spend more and more time there. The house is cozy. Set far enough away from the neighbors into the woods among the bears.

Thursday night was a short night since we didn’t arrive until 11:30PM. After setting up the house and bedrooms for our weekend get away, we relaxed until we were too tired to stay awake. Friday morning the guys collected and cut wood for the nights fire while the girls got ready. We went shopping in North Conway, grocery shopped for the rest of the weekend, and went to dinner at the Shannon Door. Friday night consisted of drinks and games.

Saturday morning Johnny and Jess left early to make it home for a birthday. Kyle, Lauren, Mike and I sat around the house not doing much for the day, just enjoying the nature around us. Late afternoon we went to Cathedral Ledge. The view is so beautiful from up there.

Cathedral Ledge

Kyle pushed his limits by hopping over a fence and wandering down the rock to get a better view. Needless to say I walked to the entrance and waited anxiously for him to return.

That little black dot is Kyle. I nearly had a heart attack!

We left Cathedral Ledge and went home so I could start cooking dinner. We lit the wood burning stove and the whole house smelled like warm apple cider, cookies, brownies, and BBQ chicken. We sat outside by the fire and relaxed for our last night there.

Sunday came quick and we decided to take the Kancamagus Highway home. Breathtaking is an understatement. Especially in the fall. Since I didn’t have my camera with me I need to make another trip soon.

One weekend is never good enough. I always say I want to move down south, but I think its up for debate. Another weekend of great memories with wonderful people.